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We are continuously working for evolution of 'Technical Factory' which consists of our Solution Experts, Technical Architects & Business Architects who have proved themselves to be the best in Industry by their Add-on Solutions and Process Improvements under the best Leadership.

Below are the details of our offerings:


Our 1st Offering is our 'Logistics Custom Development (CDF) Team' which works on Customer Specific Scenarios based on the Business requirement gathering done by our Business Architects.

Our 2nd Offering is our 'Solution Architect Expert Consulting' which is a Team of well versed and highly experienced Business Architects who are in the Business for more than a decade and thus understand the Business requirement at grass root level so that we can come up with best solutions based on our Experts point of view and Experience.

Our 3rd Offering is 'Professional Services Consultancy' in which we have out In-House Experts who render their services for Complex Scenarios and provides additional support to the existing team on the ground. 

Our 4th Offering is 'Customized Apps' for various Business Requirements in the field of Transportation and Event management. Our Team have come up with brilliant ideas in this Vertical and have developed many Apps like 'Carrier Solution' 'Drivers' and many more which are very well adopted by Industry all across and helped smooth functioning of Businesses. 

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